About Project

The International Fashion Center (IFC) will be a state-of-the-art, purpose-built venue providing unparalleled services for the global wholesale fashion trade industry. IFC will connect manufacturers, brands and fashion designers to buyers, retailers, and support service providers in a business-efficient, one-stop environment with the ultimate in amenities and conveniences.

As a result, IFC will become the preferred trade market location in the U.S. to drive wholesale fashion transactions between sellers and buyers from every region in the U.S.—and from all international fashion capitals.

  • IFC connects the global and fragmented marketplace of apparel manufacturers and retailers
  • Revolutionizes the vital “face to face” live experience required for fashion buying and selling—with permanent environments that are brand-specific
  • Iconic architecture, scale and critical mass of merchandise at IFC will be a magnet for B-to-B commerce, trends and events in the global fashion industry
  • IFC will provide a more elegance exposure, efficiency, convenience, comfort to both exhibitors and buyers in a more affordable and desirable way to conduct trade in a more
  • IFC will bring all relevant? Compatible? brands/manufacturers/wholesalers that conduct business with same category of buyers under one roof in the most fashionable way
  • IFC will be the world recognized center for the wholesale fashion